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  • 1A Super Ice Class Geared MPP

    5820 DWT on 6.5m draft

    Blt mid 90s, Spain

    RS Class

    Cranes 2x36 mt

    Far East

  • Freezer Trawler-seiner

    Ref Hold 210 cbm

    1993 blt - Russia

    RS Class - Ice class 1B

  • Double-End Ice Classed Ferry

  • Port Tug

    1600 bhp

    RMRS Ice Class L1

    Built beg. of 90s

    North-West of Russia

    Attractive price 

  • ASD Tug with Ice Class

    RMRS Arc 4 R3 AUT 3

    2500 bhp

    BP 33 t

    North-West of Russia

  • shipsandbanks

    Zone of our professional interests - ships and shipping.

    Our speciality – assessment of vessels’ technical conditions and marine investigations.

    Company's Head office located at St. Petersburg, in-doors surveyors and correspondents at every port of Russian Federation, at ports of Caspian sea and Baltics.

    You’ll save on surveyors’ travelling. Your instructions will be received / confirmed withing 1 hour at any location by our local surveyors.

    They are honest and professional people. Our Reports based on their independent information.

    We carry full liability for them.